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Hello. What's up? Having a little trouble deciding what to make this site into and am taking suggestions. I am also willing to work with someone else on this site and making it into a partnership type deal. If you would like to make suggestions you can contact me . If you are interested in working on the site with me then you can contact me and I will respond as soon as I see your message. Really looking forward to some feedback!

Hello I have succesfully hacked this website looking to expose unseen pictures that will persecute Bush of doing 9/11? Anyways, you like turkey sabdwiches? Cause I do. Well, I'm getting off track here and the developer of this website is trying to kick me off. His name is Jimmy. *wink wink*. So, 9/11 pics or nah?

Well anyways, I think I'm going to make this a social gathering site. I'll probably put in a couple forums and the chat room is all set.

So I have a forum set up for anyone to start posting in. The forum is right Here. Go ahead and start posting!